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Huuicane Lane – ETA Oahu Late PM 8/22/18

Hawaii Island and Maui are in a Hurricane Watch which means to prepare now.  Anticipate Oahu to go into a Hurricane Watch possibly later today, so encourage everyone to lower your risks of flying debris by cleaning outside your homes – secure loose objects, bring in hanging plants, outdoor furniture, etc.  Clean rain gutters too.   If you live in a flood prone area, ridge area, coastal area or your home me was built before 1995, tune into local news to see which hurricane shelters will be opened and evacuate to that shelter with your emergency supplies for you and each Member of your family and pets.  Remember-recommend at least 7 gallons of water per person for drinking only and 14 days of food (1200 calories / day for women and 1500 calories / day for men).  Check out for helpful guidance or your local Civil Defense or Emergency Management Agency for your island.   If you do not live in a flood prone, coastal, ridge area and your home was built after 1995, consider sheltering in place in a middle room such as a interior bathroom/closet that has no windows or minimum window.  You want to put as many walls between you and that hurricane force wind.  Bring your supplies especially an AM/FM radio to ensure you know when it’s safe to come out.  Keep everything shut...

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Hector is coming

Hector is currently a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 155mph. 157 is a Category 5. Hector is expected to pass south of the big island on Wednesday and impact the rest of the Hawaiian Island Chain over the rest of the week. We can expect heavy rain and possible flooding. Be prepared to take shelter if you live in flood prone areas. Take supplies for 2 days. Get your go-kit ready now. Tentatively the Red Cross will open a shelter at the Kaneohe District Park. Stay tuned for updates. Follow Hector’s visit...

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Kaneohe Neighborhood Board Resolution concerning proposed bus route changes.

TheBus Routes Resolution Related to proposed changes in The Bus routes Overview: The 2018 Windward TheBus Routes Redesign Guide for Public Review and Comments has a section entitled: “What we Want You to Know” with items of relevant community concern including a statement that “There have been no changes to TheBus system in the last 30 years”. While this statement is factual in nature, it does not yield community goodwill if the community involved is not consulted at the beginning of the design-think process. The Bus is an integral part of the daily lives of many in our communities and communities deserve, in fact require, involvement at the earliest possible stages. Effective community integration at the onset of planning mitigates many concerns and gets the conversation rolling at the grass roots level. The Kāne‘ohe Neighborhood Board #30 resolves the following: WHEREAS, recently, the relevant community concerns that were voiced at Kāne‘ohe, Kahalu’u and Kailua Neighborhood Boards along with specific issues addressed by each board, indicates the necessary initial community consultation was not obtained; and WHEREAS, the continued existence and success of TheBus largely depends on a combination of relevant service to locations, ridership and effective timing of routes; and WHEREAS, public health and awareness programs promote a more active lifestyle to include more walking, bicycling and efforts to reduce traffic by using alternate means such as TheBus; and WHEREAS,...

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Turn Around Don’t Drown

Aloha Gang,   To those communities impacted by this weekend’s flood, I received a response from the City’s Department of Environmental Services regarding bulky trash pickup in impacted areas (Aina Haina to Kailua).   Kailua is on regular bulky pickup schedule this week. East Honolulu will begin next week Monday.  Residents in impacted areas may put their bulky items on the curbside (still needs to meet the bulky definition) and the City will not do any enforcement in this area if the items sits longer than 3-4 days.  To determine when trash will be collected on a specific street, check out and simply type in the residential home address number and street name. What types of items are collected Whose bulky items will be collected? All households except those in dwellings owned by the State or Federal governments. What will be collected as bulky items? Furniture, mattresses, bed frames and box springs, rolled up and fastened carpeting, appliances, minor home repairs/remodeling materials not to exceed one cubic yard. Tree branches or stumps larger than 9 inches in diameter; must be cut to lengths less than 3 feet. What will not be collected as bulky items? Construction materials such as tile and drywall, demolition debris, dirt, rock, concrete: (take to City Landfill). Large automobile parts and any refuse or recycling suitable for regular collection. If you cannot wait for...

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Preserve Maunawili Valley

This newsletter is to inform Windward Neighborhood Board members of Hui Maunawili-Kawainui’s efforts to preserve Maunawili Valley and protect it as a public resource for the use and enjoyment of all. We are supporting efforts by The Trust for Public Land to purchase over 900 acres of important agricultural and conservation land which HRT Realty, LLC proposes to subdivide into private estates. The State Legislature is showing support for our position which is based on existing laws, zoning, government permits, and traditions. Senate Concurrent Resolution 95 SD1 has cleared the Senate; crossed over to the House and was passed by the House Committee on Water & Land on April 13, with the House Finance Committee yet to go. See resolution and its status here. We are now reaching out to Windward Neighborhood Boards to support us in our efforts. Mahalo for your consideration. A Vision for Maunawili: Support the Purchase, Preservation & Restoration of Agricultural and Conservation Lands Our goal is for Maunawili to restore its vital and traditional role in the Kailua ahupua‘a as a place of free-flowing water, abundant agriculture, and rich cultural resources in Windward O‘ahu. We envision a voluntary conservation sale in partnership with government and community as a win-win solution for all involved, including the landowner HRT/Weinberg. Aloha Friends and Neighbors, Hui Maunawili Kawainui urges you to help save more than 900 acres of prime agricultural and conservation...

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